Thursday, 27 September 2018

The HIstory of All Saints Church Whitstable by I W Green

This book, published by I W Green in 1955, has been at the Vicarage since I first moved here in 2007. Normally I would like to contact the author for his permission to put the work online but despite efforts to contact Mr Green or his descendants I have been unsuccessful. It was printed by a local printer who is also no longer in operation.
Therefore as Vicar I believe I do have the legal right to reproduce the book here, though hard copies of the book are available in some second hand bookshops and through Ebay and
If you would like to take up this with me, please do email me at

The book is a very interesting insight into the history of Whitstable and of All Saints church with some fascinating stories about the church going back many centuries. It is well worth a read and for all those who love Whitstable and All Saints Church it will be fascinating.

The scanning is far from perfect of this book for which I apologise but I do wish you an enjoyable read.

Rev Simon Tillotson 27th September 2018
All Saints Vicarage
Church Street
Whitstable CT5 1PG